Cristina Petreñas Caballero

Department of Psychology

Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work 

University of Lleida

Avda. Estudi General, 4

25001 Lleida – Spain

Phone: +34 973 706 535

Fax: +34 973 706 502



Researcher ID: K-5895-2015

Orcid ID: 0000-0001-8083-2154

Cristina Petreñas holds a PhD from the University of Barcelona (2014). She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Lleida (2007), a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (2013) from the Open University of Catalunya and a Master’s degree in Research in Teaching, Teacher Training and Educational Assessment from the University of Barcelona (2010). She received the Extraordinary Diploma Award for the best academic records in her BA by the University of Lleida in 2007 and in her MA by the University of Barcelona in 2012.

Her main lines of research are developed around inclusive education, especially in relation to academic success, educational support and teacher training, and the identity construction of young people in multilingual and multicultural contexts.