Théophile Munyangeyo

Leeds Beckett University

Department of languages

106 Macaulay Hall

Headingley Campus

LS6 3QN, Leeds – United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 11 3812 3575


Théophile Munyangeyo holds a PhD degree from the University of Nottingham (June 2001). He has extensive teaching experience on communication theories and models; Communication Approaches (written & oral); Semantics and Pragmatics; Translation and Consecutive Interpreting (theory and practice) applied to French-English (both ways), and research skills. He is a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy in the United Kingdom.

Dr Munyangeyo has been a member of the Faculty Research Ethics Committee and served as Research Ethics Coordinator for languages since 2008. He is also a member of research committees and editorial boards of international journals. He has organised and chaired international conferences, given public lectures, delivered keynotes, led seminars and workshops in the area of multilingualism and applied linguistics. Dr Munyangeyo is actively involved in staff mobility partnerships and gives guest-lectures in European partner universities outside the United Kingdom on a variety of topics within the area of applied linguistics.

Dr Munyangeyo has made important research contributions in the field of applied linguistics.

Dr Munyangeyo has made important research contributions in the field of applied linguistics. His focus has mainly been on translation and interpreting, critical discourse analysis of fictional narratives, synergies to harness multilingual literacy for plurilingual competence in England, multilingual practices and their pedagogical implications in a globalised world, multilingual literacy and plurilingual competence, Languages in the Globalised World: interpreting multilingual literacy and cross-cultural encounters, European linguistic diversity, the concepts of language proficiency and native or near-native fluency in language learning, enhancing learner engagement in e-learning provision, language learning through the year abroad experience, language acquisition and language transfer in a multilingual learning environment, language policy in education and self-directed learning.

In the area of translation and interpreting, Dr Munyangeyo’s research contribution included public service interpreting and ethics, understanding the functional and pedagogical implications of social and cross-cultural pragmatic failures in triadic interpretative interactions, working at cross purposes in interpreting, the discourse of deletion in interpreter-mediated encounters, the discourse and meaningfulness of proximity in interpreter mediated encounters, the role ‘riddle’ of the interpreter in the discourse of identity and ethical dilemmas in public service interpreting, impact of unwarranted adherence in interpreter-mediated encounters in public service interpreting, the looseness of the notion of equivalence and its pedagogical implications in A-B language pairs translation classroom. He recently led a team of researchers to edit a book on challenges and opportunities in public service interpreting.

Dr Munyangeyo examines and supervises research work, from BA dissertations to PhD theses in language learning and teaching. He is currently supervising four PhD theses. Over the years, he has been external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduates programmes in and outside the United Kingdom.

Dr. Munyangeyo is a qualified Academic Coach and has the will and energy to foster collaborative approaches and practices in the academia.