Themistokles Gogas

Technological Educational Institute of Epirus

Department of Business Administration

Irinins & Filias 1

46100 Igoumenitsa – Greece

Tel.: +30 266 504 9899

Fax: +30 266 504 9895


Themistokles Gogasis associate professor of Intercultural Communication and Head of the Dept. of Business Administration, Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Greece. He holds a Primary Teacher’s Degree from the Teachers Training College of Ioannina, GR; a Diploma in Educational Studies from Dundee University, UK; a M.A.(in Social Science Research); and a PhD (Keele, UK).

His research covers Intercultural Communication; Multicultural Societies; and Community Interpreting. His publications include more than 30 papers in Journals, Collective Volumes or Conference Proceedings. He is author of a book: Intercultural Communication. Identities and Otherness, (2011, Athens: Anatolikos) and co-editor of two volumes: St. Vlachopoulos & Th. Gogas: Foreign Language Teaching in Tertiary Education II, (2008, Ioannina: Carpe Diem, Greece) and Th. Gogas & P. Tagkas: Foreign Language Teaching in Tertiary Education: Current Trends (2011, Dionikos: Athens). Also he is member of the editorial board of The International Journal of Translation, Language and Intercultural Communication.